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Even Babies Love Grandma Maud’s

Grandma Maud’s is launching a Sweepstakes called “Even Babies Loves Grandma Maud’s.” The Sweepstakes is running in Chicago Illinois, Phoenix Arizona and Atlanta Georgia. The Sweepstakes is social media run and based. In order to be qualified the participants must post a picture of their baby age 0-5 years old on Grandma Maud’s Facebook page interacting with Grandma Maud’s products. The baby can have a photo eating Grandma Maud’s Premium Bean Meals, playing with Grandma Maud’s Premium Southern Seasoning or even helping prepare Grandma Maud’s Pie Fixin’. The picture can be as cute or as funny as they want it to be.

The winning baby photo for each city will receive a $50 gift card to the chosen store in their city that carries Grandma Maud’s premium products. These stores include Kroger’s, Safeway and Supervalu locations. After the winners are chosen and have proven they live in the city they represented, then they will receive a certificate they can take into the chosen grocery store to pick up the card. It‘s just that simple.

Facebook fans will be the judge, because the photo with the most likes is the winner. Grandma Maud’s Facebook team is so excited to see the photos of the babies. Grandma Maud’s facebook fans are excited as well, they have already started sending in photos and the Sweepstakes hasn’t started yet. Grandma Maud’s is always trying to find ways to show their appreciation to their customers.

There are  more sweepstakes and contests  to come for the rest of the year and our valuable customers and fans have expressed their gratitude and excitement.

Grandma Maud’s is a household name and if even babies love Grandma Maud’s, we know you will too! Visit grandmamauds.com and take a whirl threw our website. We dare you to try the product, but we have to warn you about how addictive it is. Once you have tried the product let us know what you thought about the product.

Remember the Sweepstake starts September 17th and if you live in one of the above mentioned states you might have the baby that love Grandma Maud’s Premium Products the most! Click on this link to go to Grandma Maud’s Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/GrandmaMauds. Make sure to LIKE the page. This way you will not miss out on the Sweepstakes.


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