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Grandma Maud’s International Affair

We have gotten a lot of questions from other countries about Grandma Maud’s Premium Bean Meals and Premium Seasoning. We have people from Zambia in Africa asking how to get the products. We have people in Australia, China, Sicily and even India asking about Grandma Maud’s products.

Of course we want the whole world to know about the product. When you have something great, share it! Our marketing team here at Grandma Maud’s has come up with several solutions about how to get the product to everyone, but we can always use extra help.

Are there any solutions out there which may help us find a way to get products overseas? Any and every suggestion is welcome, because in our book there are no silly suggestions.

By the way make sure to stop by our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GrandmaMauds. We are running a contest called “Even Babies Loves Grandma Maud’s”. The contest is for residents of Chicago, Atlanta and Phoenix, but we the winners are up to Facebook users. The photos with the most likes will win for their city. If you are a Facebook user and you live in one of the three participating cities, please join the contest for a $50 Free Gift Card to your favorite grocery store. If you are a Facebook user and you don’t live in the city help judge the competition by liking the photo of your choice.

We know we always ask for interaction from our readers, but our readers are the most important. Getting your opinion is better than a guess. You tell us what you want, we try to deliver. When our customers said they wanted FREE SHIPPING, we delivered by offering Grandma Maud’s Premium Bean Meals, Grandma Maud’s Premium Southern Seasoning and Pie Fixin’ on Amazon.com. Our customers were very happy. We pride  ourselves in being customer orientated, because Grandma Maud’s is a Family Brand!

Post by Lashondra Graves

Grandma Maud’s is helping people serve delicious meals and not just servings of food!

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