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Tailgating During Cold Weather

Every year my family puts on the football game at thanksgiving and I always wonder how fans survive tailgating in such cold weather. My husband spent his childhood winters hunting, while I spent mine ice fishing. So I’ve used our experiences and a little extra research to come up with 5 tips for tailgating in the cold.

1. Clothing and Blankets: Wear layers and bring multiple hats, scarves, and extra pairs of gloves. I recommend that you invest a few dollars in electric socks or hunting socks.  They are incredibly thick and the electric socks usually require big batteries (C or D) but they are well worth it. Also, make sure to have everyone in your tailgating party bring throw blankets. You have to expect that the forecast will be wrong, it’s better to have too many clothes and blankets than not enough.

2. Warm Drinks: Bring a steel kettle, they’re less than $15 in most places, and keep the hot drinks coming. Simply by having a kettle you can heat water to use with any hot drink mix including cider, hot chocolate, coffee and tea.

A portable fire pit is perfect for a cold day.

3. Get Close or Stay Active: Huddle up around a fire or cuddle up under a blanket to stay warm. You could also play touch football or catch, anything to help keep your core temperature up. But try to avoid anything that will make you sweat, it is supposed to cool you down so don’t make yourself colder by being too active. Also play touch football instead of tackle, because it is easier not to notice pain in the cold.

4. Canopy or Portable Heater/ Fire Pit: I suggest that if you have both then bring both but pick only one to use depending on the weather. If it is windy, raining, or snowing a canopy with side walls can be great against the weather. However if it’s just cold, break out the portable heaters or fire pits and get cozy. Do not try to use a heater/fire pit in or near a canopy though, that could turn your tailgate party into a disaster.

Try a nice spicy chili to warm up.

5. Spice It Up: Add a little heat to your food but don’t overdo it, remember no sweating. The right amount of spice can warm you from the inside out.


Got some good recipes or more tips? Share them with us.

~Chef Sebion

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Kyle says:

    I”ll be sure to use these tips for my party on thanksgiving!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    That’s great! What’s your team?

  3. Kyle says:

    Dallas Cowboys… we’ll be setting up on thanksgiving day with the kids at 7 in the morning…btw my wife loved your tailgating as a family article