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The Story of the Bean

Grandma Maud learned at an early age from her mother and her mother’s mother a very simple truth. The simple bean is a miracle. And certain varieties of beans are very likely nature’s most perfect food. In fact, one simple little bean can be used to create a delicious, nourishing, and satisfying meal. The bean is nature’s way of giving you strength, stamina, and health because it is so full of protein. The bean is easy to cook up and no other food goes with as many dishes as the variety found in beans. When you combine them with just the right Southern Style seasonings, there is no other taste quite like it.

Grandma Maud's Bean Meal Recipes

The down-home recipes of Grandma Maud have been tried and taste- proven for generations and now they are available in the most convenient way they have ever been; a simple bag. Grandma Maud made every variety of bean she cooked special and delicious. From red beans to black beans, she knew her beans. We have recaptured her impeccable sense of which down-home seasonings enhance beans best and which beans go best with other beans. Now in about twenty five minutes, you can go from a simple bag to a hot, nutritious meal. We thank Grandma Maud for everything she has taught us about the bean and southern style cooking.

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