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Tailgating Budget Tips

Tailgating parties can be ridiculously expensive but if you are tight on money, or simply don’t want to spend tons of money, there are a few easy ways to tailgate on a budget. I’ve come up with 5 simple budget-friendly tips for tailgaters.

Some RV’s are set up perfectly for a tailgating party and provide shelter from the hot or cold temperatures.

1. Large Groups: Having a big party may mean more mouths to feed but it also means more people to split the cost. Make your tailgate a pot luck, this will draw everyone together in the planning and save everyone money. The other option is to designate one or two people to handle shopping and prepping, then the group can pitch in money to cover everything. This option is great if you’ve got a friend who loves to plan parties.

2. Carpool: One of the biggest wastes of money is to have everyone bring their own vehicle. You might be able to cover more ground at your tailgate site but you’re also spending so much money on gas. Pitch in for gas, designate a driver, and get the fun started in the car. Something to consider, if your party is big enough, is to rent an RV; the base prices range from $225-$300 making it a good idea if your party is large enough to effectively split the costs.

Grandma Maud’s Bean Medley makes a great base for chili and can be found in 12 packs on Amazon with free shipping.

3. Buy in Bulk & Use Coupons: Start clipping and shopping the sales; it’s the easiest way to save. Start watching the sales and cutting the coupons well ahead of time, at least a week but two is better. Buying in bulk is also, in general, much cheaper so buy your non perishables, or things with long shelf lives, in mass quantity. A few things that you could buy like this would be chips, drinks, and other snacks. It’s possible to even buy some of the main courses and meat in bulk; for example Grandma Maud’s Bean Meals, which make great chili, can be bought in bulk at Amazon with free shipping. You could even buy your meats in bulk. You could go to a Sam’s Club or Costco and buy five pounds for a much lower price than buying five one pound packages.

Find unique ways to cut back and save money. If there’s only a few in your party just doing up burgers then you don’t need a big, expensive grill.

4. Improvise: Be creative, do you really need an expensive grill or could you make a little one for $5 maybe $10. The most ingenious grill I have ever seen was a cooling rack for cookies on top of a disposable lasagna pan with a little bit of charcoal.  This set up allowed the owner to grill without the expense of owning one. Also find ways to improvise your entertainment by making up games or having a little competition to see who can cook the best dish. You could even improvise some of the larger, more expensive things like a canopy with side walls. My parents used to find ways to hang up blankets to block make shade. Use your imagination, have fun with it and it will save you money.

5. Bring the Game to You: If ticket and gas prices are just too expensive then have the party at home. While nothing is quite like being there in person, you can still do all the tailgating activities at home. And you can still use most of these tips to make the party even less expensive if you do it at home.

Well, I think I’m out of tailgating stuff to blog about but I’m sure that after the winter I’ll have more. And if you think of anything you want me to write about just post a comment to let me know. Happy Tailgating!


~Chef Sebion


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