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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

So Valentine’s Day is here, you forgot to plan anything and are considering just picking up some flowers and chocolates on your way home tonight. While that might work, you could be in trouble as everyone else scrambles to do the exact same thing. So here is an idea that can be done at home, and even if everyone else has the same plan it won’t interfere with yours.

Try something that is simple but will seem elaborate like flower petals from the front door to your candle lit living room and resting on the couch, her favorite (multi-player) video game or movie. If you want to do jewelry put it in the case. Also, find something that is relatively easy to make or even pre-prepared for dinner and have it cooking when she gets home. Make yourself scarce until you are sure that she has had a few minutes to soak everything in. Once she has, come out of another room with a bottle of champagne and some wine glasses. Have the dinner table set then spend the evening eating and playing her favorite game or watching her favorite movie.


An alternative to this would be an indoor picnic, use the flower petals and the candles but move the couch and layout a blanket with simple foods, wine and chocolate. If you have a fireplace, then make a fire. If not see if you can get the fireplace channel on your television.

If you can’t get home before her to set this up, then stop and pick up chocolates and flowers on your way. There is always this weekend to take her to her favorite place or bringing her breakfast in bed.

A warning though, don’t forget next year because you can’t do this twice in a row. Remember the whole idea of a surprise is that you can’t make it a routine but a day is all you need to figure out something romantic. And ladies, you can always use this too.

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