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Serve up delicious, easy-to-prepare meals with our Down Home Cookin’ and Home Bakery products that create the perfect comfort food service. Grandma Maud’s allows your chefs to rely on tried and true, ready-to-serve dishes. We comprehensively test all of our recipes to guarantee consistency in taste and quality. With this method, we have the flexibility to develop various unique product offerings that work for your organization-- a distinction that sets us apart. You can also use these products as the foundation for unique dishes to enhance your menu planning. Grandma Mauds has been a proud Minority Owned Business for over 25 years and a certified minority owned business in Chicago Public Schools for over 20 years. Our legacy and products speaks for themselves --  contact us today to learn more.



 Individually-wrapped Cookies

Frozen Cookie Dough 

Wellness Cookies: A Smart Cookie Choice

Grandma Maud's Muffins

Sauce Collection

Breakfast Bars